PONF Multiback Open Camera – Fact #4

All PONF Multiback Cameras are hand assembled, and made with the superb craftmanship you deserve.

Once you have choosen your finish and accessories, one of our expert craftsman will assemble your unique camera, to give you the most satisfying camera equipment you own. The one you have designed and thought for yourself.

You know what you like more. A shiny metal finish? Your name or logo laser engraved? The ruggedness of a plastic cover? You are in charge, so it’s up to you choose between all the different option PONF gives you.

PONF, the camera YOU deserve.

PONF fact #4

Your camera has interchangeable backs you can switch on the body.

A digital back, with a full-frame or an APS-C sensor, plus, it’s a fully functional computer based on a Linux Operating System.

A film body for 35mm rolls. But you can mix them too. Get more than one film back and enjoy the fun of switching between different films.

Get your unique camera, choose your exclusive experience, feel the pleasure of using a camera made with superb craftmanship.

PONF Multiback Open Camera

PONF Multiback Open Camera is an innovative reflex camera with two interchangeable backs: one digital and one film.

The digital back, a small but powerful computer, runs a Linux Operating System and is based on Sony full-frame / APS-C sensors. The system is based on RaspberryPI Compute Module.

The film back uses 35mm film canisters.

The camera has a M42 Lens Mount, so you can use your own lenses (but we are developing our own lenses). Of course, you will be able to use many other lenses with mounts other than M42 simply using our adapters.

You can follow the development of the camera on this blog or on the project’s website.