PONF Multiback Open Camera – 3D printed model

Merry Christmas to you!

Here at PONF, we are happy to present you the 3D printed early model of the skeleton of the Multiback Open Camera.

How do you like the design?

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PONF Multiback Open Camera – Fact #7

The PONF Multiback Open Camera has, at the core of its concept and design, modularity.

PONF fact #7

Modularity allows the users to get the best from the camera system, choosing the components that they need, when they need it.

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PONF Multiback Open Camera – Fact #2

When it comes to photography, you are often asked to choose between film and digital.

We say, why settle for one world, when you can get the best from both?

PONF fact #2

With the PONF Multiback Open Camera, you can shoot both digital and film on the same camera. The camera, a reflex, has interchangeable backs: one is a 35mm film back, the other is a full-frame / APS-C digital back.

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