A Blossoming Community: The First PONF Partnerships

We have mentioned more than once that PONF is a new kind of camera company, but what does that really mean? One of the cornerstones to our vision of this company is that it not only be a company that makes cameras, but a company that builds bridges in the photography industry to truly serve photographers of all levels of interest and experience.

At PONF we are committed to never compete within the photography industry, but be a friend and collaborator to all who want to push the ability to the modern photographer forward. We are particularly dedicated to serving the international film community, as we believe that film photography should be preserved for the generations to come and this is dependent on companies that care more about the medium than the bottom line.

We are grateful for the established photography companies who already at the outset of this project have provided PONF with so much support and will allow us to use their expertly developed components to make our camera the best it can be. Sony will be providing us with APS-C and Full-Frame sensors and their new M-OLED electronic viewfinders. We are prepared to integrate them into the best digital workflow a DSLR can offer, fully customizable according to each person’s individual needs. Because the digital back is operated by the RaspberryPI Compute Module 3, it can be endlessly programmed for specific functions according to individual needs. But beyond that, the camera’s onboard operating system will also allow for cloud connection, drone operation, and more.

The German company Gossen made the first light meter in 1933 by taking advantage of the photoelectric characteristics of selenium which made it possible to develop a reliable instrument by means of which the photographer was able to measure light for his shots, instead of working with estimated values or tables. PONF Founder Raffaello Palandri always had a special appreciate for Gossen meters as he used one for his whole life, during his many years of shooting all kinds of analog cameras and processes. We are pleased to announce that Gossen light meters will be available to those who purchase PONF Cameras or join the PONF Fellowship at a special price.


From a developmental perspective, PONF is pleased to announce the interest in our project of The Fraunhofer, the largest Research & Development institution in Germany. Specifically, Fraunhofer IZM is the branch that deals with the reliability and the microintegration of the electronic components. This means that they are specialized in making electronic components smaller and more reliable. The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS is one of the world’s leading application-oriented research institutions for microelectronic and IT system solutions and services. We are pleased to report that the Fraunhofer has invited the PONF developers to participate in their startup incubator program, which will begin very soon. It’s easy to see how the support of these renowned teams and superior equipment and mentorship will push the project forward.

Additionally, we are grateful to our institutional business partners they helped us to start and run the company: GTAI (German Trade and Invest), Berlin Partner, and Invest in Bavaria; and of course, the entire PONF team, all around the world! Check out previous blog posts to learn about our experts and their involvement in-depth. Remember, we have a big announcement coming February 15, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

What other companies should PONF collaborate with? We welcome your comments and suggestions, and if you work in a company within the photography industry and would like to get involved with the PONF Fellowship, drop a line to raffaello@ponfcamera.com


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