Dear PONF Fellows: A Note From Founder Raffaello Palandri

By Raffaello Palandri

Dear Fellows,

Yes, you should know that you are my fellows in this journey. By this point, you might be wondering what it means to create a camera like the PONF Camera.

Usually one can see the final product of a company, but has no or very little understanding of what happens behind the curtains, behind the scenes.


But as we’ve mentioned a few times before, PONF is different. We are not the typical company. Boldly, excitedly, we want you to know that we are not afraid to show the world how this camera is coming to life. Let it be an inspiration to every entrepreneur with a dream! 

PONF is currently in the prototyping phase. This means that we reached the first peak of our ascent. The path has not been easy. We encountered difficulties, delays, and we made mistakes. But we didn’t stop. Every single thing, even if negative, has something to be learned from. Arriving to a prototype means that you managed to pass through countless hours of meetings, drafts, documents, phone calls, travel.

Let’s look back at the last 3 months, the fastest paced period of the project until now.

We, the founders, moved here to Nürnberg in November 2017, after having established PONF GmbH in October. We from Scotland, as we considered Germany the best place to bring this camera to life from a business perspective.

From November 5th to today (roughly 110 days), we’ve attended more than 70 meetings, travelling throughout Germany to meet companies, institutions, Universities, banks, investors.

So far, we’ve met more than 500 people (I kept the business cards) and pitched the project 62 times.

We’ve prepared more than 2000 pages of documents, mainly project documents, to prepare the next phases with the partners such as an industrial designer to create our prototype, along with financial plans, to convince banks and investors to step into the project.

And the result? All this hard work has been rewarded. We have secured some great partnerships, with surely more to come as our organization and vision continue to expand.

ponf sony

We’ve secured new technology components to use on the cameras from Sony. We will be developing new kinds of optical products with Gossen. The big photography players are paying attention. We have also started developing R&D projects for the cameras to come. We are going to build a system designed to last.

We also improved our business model. We want you to be sure that your camera will be made to the highest standards. We are getting three ISO certifications: ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14000 (environmental management), ISO 27001 (IT security).

We have met some amazing creatives through the PONF Fellowship already, and we want to meet many more. Your project – as this is not only ours, it’s yours too – is growing stronger and stronger. We are looking for participation instead of competition, inclusiveness instead of corporate walls, transparency instead of cold speak.

One last note on all of this: unlike some other young photography companies, we will not be running a crowdfunding campaign. We want to use every single cent to develop a better camera. We believe you deserve that.

So, we will soon start a pre-sales campaign. You will be able to select the camera with the finish and accessories you want, as well as configure the software and the functions of the camera, if you need it. We want to be bound by a sale contract with you even from the beginning, to let you know that we are bold and fearless even in our marketing and sales strategies.

Now, may I please ask for your help, dear Photo Enthusiasts? This is the time to show your support to the project. This is the time to share the news, to help us grow even faster. We will keep up the pace, don’t worry.

Help us. Donate to the PONF project. Even a small contribution will help keep our team running. Check the PONF Shop often, as we plan to keep adding products that you can buy to support the Foundation. You can also follow our news and updates on Facebook and Instagram, and be sure to sign up for the PONF Newsletter.

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