What Would YOU Do With A Fully Programmable Camera?

PONF set out last year to make the best camera for everyone. There are so many cameras in the world, each one perhaps uniquely suited to different types of photography and the endless amount of subject matter on the globe. Even if they had identical camera tastes, would a wedding photographer need the same type of camera as a medical research photographer in the lab? Perhaps, but perhaps not. They undoubtedly have different goals for their images.

This question of customization not only refers to the physical form of your camera, but the way the camera’s digital back is configured from a software perspective. You know the PONF Camera will be a film and digital hybrid, allowing you to shoot film and digital seamlessly by interchanging the backs. Beyond simply being modular, the PONF Camera will be customizable thanks to the Linux operating system. What does a custom camera mean? Maybe you’ve never even considered the idea.


Or maybe you have. In our Internet of Things World, more and more objects which before had to be connected with cables or tethered to computers in order to communicate data are now Wifi Enabled. This opens a whole new world of technology, so now, we’re setting the bar high for not only a camera which has Internet of Things connectivity, but also uses it to the fullest. Transferring files to cloud storage wirelessly? Special in-camera scanning software to digitize your negatives? The ability to control peripheral equipment like audio gear or drones? That’s just the beginning. And, it’s only the ideas we’ve had, and we aren’t the photographers PONF is creating the camera for…YOU are!

We’ve chosen Linux as the operating system of the microcomputer which drives the digital back because it’s easy to approach from a programming standpoint. Just like PONF has been an Open Project through the development phase, so it will stay, allowing any programmer the opportunity to give the camera their own personal touch. If you’re not a programmer, it’s no problem. Our team will be happy to consult with you on your needs, to create menus and functionality according to your ideas and specifications. That’s the magic of uniting programming, IoT, and photography. Anything is possible!

So, we want to know, how would you use your PONF Camera’s programmability? What custom functions would you teach your camera? What extra access? We’re excited to hear what our brilliant community can dream up!

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PONF Multiback Open Camera – Fact #3

The PONF Multiback Open Camera brings together computers and photography.

The digital back of the camera is a fully functional micro-computer, internet and cloud connected, with a Linux Operating System, running on a RaspberryPI Compute Module core.

PONF fact #3

The digital back can be programmed by the user, so it can accomplish specific tasks like:

  • self driving on drones and robots
  • image, pattern recognition
  • external sensors control

And, if you are not into programming, PONF courses and lessons will help you.
Want to have a professional programming? We have you covered, too.

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PONF Multiback Open Camera – 3D printed model

Merry Christmas to you!

Here at PONF, we are happy to present you the 3D printed early model of the skeleton of the Multiback Open Camera.

How do you like the design?

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PONF Multiback Open Camera – Fact #7

The PONF Multiback Open Camera has, at the core of its concept and design, modularity.

PONF fact #7

Modularity allows the users to get the best from the camera system, choosing the components that they need, when they need it.

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PONF Multiback Open Camera – Fact #2

When it comes to photography, you are often asked to choose between film and digital.

We say, why settle for one world, when you can get the best from both?

PONF fact #2

With the PONF Multiback Open Camera, you can shoot both digital and film on the same camera. The camera, a reflex, has interchangeable backs: one is a 35mm film back, the other is a full-frame / APS-C digital back.

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PONF Multiback Open Camera – Fact #4

All PONF Multiback Cameras are hand assembled, and made with the superb craftmanship you deserve.

Once you have choosen your finish and accessories, one of our expert craftsman will assemble your unique camera, to give you the most satisfying camera equipment you own. The one you have designed and thought for yourself.

You know what you like more. A shiny metal finish? Your name or logo laser engraved? The ruggedness of a plastic cover? You are in charge, so it’s up to you choose between all the different option PONF gives you.

PONF, the camera YOU deserve.

PONF fact #4

Your camera has interchangeable backs you can switch on the body.

A digital back, with a full-frame or an APS-C sensor, plus, it’s a fully functional computer based on a Linux Operating System.

A film body for 35mm rolls. But you can mix them too. Get more than one film back and enjoy the fun of switching between different films.

Get your unique camera, choose your exclusive experience, feel the pleasure of using a camera made with superb craftmanship.